Epilepsy Therapeutics

Epilepsy Medications are backbones in controlling epileptic seizures. Individuals with epilepsy regularly stumble upon cognitive dysfunctioning and some other neurological and neurobehavioral issues which may display a dynamic path related to worsening seizure control.

So, novel remedies for seizures and the neurological comorbidities of epilepsy including Gene therapy, Brain Stimulation, MicroRNA law, Stem Cells to the Rescue, Immunotherapy are usually required. Our Epilepsy and Treatment meetings deal with many issues in the area of epilepsy research and novel healing techniques. Surgical strategies are every other dimension in treatment. What's extra, the Ketogenic eating regimen, Rehabilitation and the Seizure Altering Devices are additionally having the most severe importance and Translational examination may be new and developing version that expects to decorate fitness of a affected person by means of accelerating essential technology revelations.